The Romanian- Bulgarian Partnership

           The partnership between the city of Vidin in Bulgaria and the city of Calafat in Romania started in the year 2007 and it consisted of a first project that went on all throughout that year and then a second project followed which went on throughout the next year- 2008.
            It was a partnership settled between “C.S.V.” in Vidin and “Independenta” Theoretical High School in Calafat and, following a prearranged programme, it implied extremely interesting activities, eventually proving to have been very fruitful and successful on both sides.
            Initially, during a first stage of the project, the Romanian and Bulgarian students exchanged their personal addresses and e-mails so as to establish a fast and effective communication among them.
            The main goals of the project were: establishing friendships among students based on common interests, exchanging information and knowledge on topics as varied as the educational systems in both countries, ecology and environmental protection, finding out what regions were faced to water pollution, the type of soil in Bulgaria and in Romania alike, trips to places of interest concerning the pollution exposure of those particular places, designing informative materials including the results of the experiences gained by both sides, making the young people aware of the importance of protecting the environment and of the natural resources, but also exchanging information referring to the level of ecology knowledge both in Bulgaria and in Romania.
            All through the activities of the partnership, the Romanian party enjoyed an extremely relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and it also experimented an openness towards friendship of our neighbours, the Bulgarians.
             The first activity that took place meant that a group of Romanian students and teachers from “Independenta” High School went on a visit to Vidin. We were warmly welcomed and later we  checked- in at a hotel in the city; we then visited Vidin and in the “CSV” High School the presentation of the programme was made; together with the Bulgarian partners we participated in the presentation of the work technique- the mobile laboratory of measurement (of ph, humidity, other parameters) and the first experiments were made- they consisted of measuring the water, air and soil parameters at the Danube- Baba Vida. The next day, the results were processed and also interpreted. The Bulgarian partners organized for our delegation of students and teachers a beautiful meeting and also a traditional dinner so that we could better know each other and socialise at the same time.
            The Romanians felt welcome in Bulgaria and subsequently they invited their partners- the Bulgarians- to come and visit the city of Calafat and also the county of Dolj. So the Bulgarians accepted the invitation and later on came to Calafat where they were presented our high school and then, together with the Romanian party, they went on a trip to the municipality of Craiova, the administrative capital of the county of Dolj. There were also made measurements of the water, air, soil parameters by means of the mobile laboratory in Romanescu Park, one of the biggest natural parks in Romania and such measurements were also made in the city centre. A comparison could be made between measurements and thus, the effects of the civilisation and of the industrial development upon the environment could be easily noticed. The group returned to Calafat, the Bulgarian students and teachers checked- in at a hotel and in the evening the Romanian  and the Bulgarian parties met and had a nice time together. The following day measurements with the mobile laboratory were also made on the Romanian bank of the Danube.
            During the last activity that was held within the project the group of Romanian students and teachers went to Bulgaria again, namely to Vidin where, together with their partners went on a trip in the nearby region- the New Village. It was there that we, the Romanians, had the possibility of getting acquainted with the traditions and way of life of the Bulgarian people who live in the rural area of the country. We met new people and new customs and we were able to notice the influence of mankind upon nature and we were also able to see the natural potential the area stretching along the Bulgarian side of the Danube displays. Measurements in this area were also made using the technique provided by the mobile laboratory. Subsequently the results obtained were interpreted and some conclusions were drawn.
            For each occasion and activity that took place, there are very many representative photos, DVDs, CDs, leaflets, informative materials, all of which mark moments of the meetings, important fragments with what happened during the practical and entertainment stages of the project.
            The project ended with a friendly competition between the Romanian and the Bulgarian parties, whose main objective was the designing of posters, drawings, essays;at the end of the competition all students were offered caps, T-shirts, posters, ball point pens, all of them bearing the motto of the project.
            All things considered, the project achieved its initial goals, those thanks to the good relations established between the two schools from Bulgaria and Romania; the gain was on both sides and we truly consider that the project was a great success.

    Diana Adriana Popa

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